Monday, 10 October 2011

More Optember offerings!

Finally, as promised the latest Op-shop treasures I found last week. I remember I mentioned that when I went out with my DD I hadn't found anything at the other places we visited, but that wasn't strictly true. I forgot about this trim, which cost me .50c
But late last week at the little old church Oppy, I was happy to pick up a great selection of treasures starting with some embroidered doilies. they were .50c each, though as some were smaller, they charged less. that's how they roll at that oppy! :)

I found this "charming" tapestry of domesticity. It's quite small, around A4 size. $3 I think.

 And finally, a Japanese bikkie barrel, complete with a deer in a bamboo forest. Kawaii! This was quite expensive at $10.
I'm pretty excited one of my favourite little old church annual Fetes is on this Saturday so if I haven't made it to another Opshop by then, I'm sure to have something amazing to show you on the weekend.
Meanwhile I hope to have something crafty to share soon.

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  1. what a fun space you have here! Popping over from Blogtoberfest.