Saturday, 16 October 2010

Vintage fete goodies!

There 's one thing I love better than Op shopping and that's fete shopping. Today's fete was one of the best of the year. One I have attended for quite a few years and that has never failed to produce interesting things. The first thing I picked up was the double boiler pot below. I had no idea what it was, other than it looked very interesting. The old bloke on the white elephant stall came up and told me all about it. It is a glue pot. In the little tin below is the glue, the original old stuff made from cow's hooves. Fascinating. The little green pot is so pretty - I love green, and will be a feature on my display shelves in my craft room.

The second thing I picked up was a most AWESOME nutmeg grinder! I forgot to take a pic but I will add one in shortly. Just twist apart, pop a whole nutmeg into the grinder and twist the handle on top. the nutmeg is then ground against a blade and the powder falls through the slot. Probably my favourite find of the day!

 Unfortunately you can't read the inscription on the bottom which says where it was made (USA). I did like the part where it said 3rd planet from the sun!

Some dear old lady has obviously given up cake decorating and making by the supplies filling big cardboard boxes. I fished out a nearly complete set of round tins, a springform bundt time and a nice size square tin as well as an old enamel wash basin. Over on another trestle amongst the kitchenware i found an old gill measure. Too curious to leave that. I have been hoping to find  a pastry maker so snapped this one up, and found an interesting but rather deadly vegetable peeler.
 I found some vacola clips, lucky as I am rather short on those, plus a very cute china tea infuser and a few lovely picture books. Of course who could resist REAL GOLD hehehe Panned from someone's holiday at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. Quite a nice little haul there. So far I think this all cost me $8.
 Inside the shed, I picked up a stainless steel bread bin again something I had been wanting, a cute vintage kitchen timer in the perfect colour for my kitchen. And perfect as my  oven bell has been playing up lately. And below this pic is a set of bias carpet bowls in a suitcase. Perfect for some family fun. The bowls were the most expensive thing at $7 for the set.

I saw some shabby old suitcases complete with shabby travel stickers in the hall, but was able to resist those.

 In the craft room, the gray and pink vintage beauty pictured higher, was sitting filled with fabric scraps and crafting odds and ends, but I wanted the suitcase! And it was mine for only $2.00.
Apart from these items, I bought a vintage Olivetti portable typewriter in a zip up case for $7 and a freshly drycleaned booster seat to make it easier shifting seats between the two cars, now the new child seat rules have come into play.

Becci is already planning a multi level birthday cake next month :)


  1. oH, I feel like going to a fete now!
    You are a good sifter Helen, lovely old stuff.

  2. What a haul Helen. You must have a nose for this sort of thing.

  3. Wow! I want to come fete shopping with you :) I enlarged the pic and could read the 3rd planet from the sun lol