Thursday, 21 October 2010

Spiral Skirt draft - finish, stash or toss?

There was a challenge on the Crafty Mamas forum to draft and make a spiral wrap skirt like the one shown on Craftster recently.

Being familiar with the Redondo by Farbenmix I thought it would be a snap.
I drafted the spiral using my French Curve. Being a big person I thought it would be better to start the skirt out with straighter panels but now I am not so sure.

I cut the pieces from an old single sheet, then sewed the pieces together.
Here is a sneak peek:

It isn't finished yet, there's still the waistband and a rolled hem to do.

But I'm not happy with it as it is. I have learned something about the process and shaping and had a bit of fun in the process but I'm glad I used an old sheet for this one. I'm not sure if I will finish it.
I'm thinking going with someone else's pattern might have been a good idea. Why do I always try to re-invent the wheel?What do you do when you hit an impasse? Stash it or toss it? I hate the thought of tossing but the thought of more clutter is equally unwelcome.


  1. Old sheet? Unhappy? I'd give it the big toss. But then I am impatient and want instant gratification. ;)

  2. If you aren't going to wear it, then don't finish it. Use it to make adjustments and make the next one.

    Your comment about shaping is interesting because I was thinking that the top of the spiral would need a bit of shaping to deal with the curves that little girls don't have. I was thinking this before you said it here, so it's good to have it confirmed. :)

  3. Good learning exercise then. I chuckled at "re-inventing the wheel" sooooo true for so many of us.