Saturday, 2 October 2010

It's Blogtober again!

This time last year I joined the Blogtoberfest which meant a blog post a day for the month of October. Tinniegirl and curlypops are again hosting Blogtoberfest this year.

I enjoyed having the incentive to post regularly so I have decided to do it again this year. One day late, I know lol. But that's me!
And here are some random posts of the 40 finger buns I made today in my new Electrolux assistent mixer with it's phenomenal capacity.
Ready for the oven:

Out of the oven (why didn't I put the timer on? a few a little browner than I would have liked:

Iced (oops, a bit heavy on the pink colour) with shredded coconut and ready to eat:

I decided not to use a recipe as such. I have a new basic recipe and technique that I will share with you sometime soon, that with a few simple variations makes anything you fancy!

Tomorrow, to celebrate Blogtober, I will announce a giveaway of a pair of felt hair clippies to a lucky blog reader. Details will be saved in the right hand column.

See you tomorrow!