Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My new favourite music artist! Mindy Gledhill

Today I discovered a new music artist and just had to buy every song she has recorded. Don't you love it when you find something that strikes all the notes inside of you and lifts you up and makes the world seem like a better place? lol Well I did today. A little bit quirky, gorgeous singable tunes and lyrics, and maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I had to share.
After reading a little about Mindy Gledhill, I can see she is a girl after my own heart. She loves thrift shopping, wearing vintage dresses and collecting old musical instruments including an old pump organ. I just happen to have one of those too and love a bit of Op shopping therapy.
Isn't the album cover beautiful?

Here is a review excerpt:

April Meeker, designer of Second Sister Jewelry, says of "Anchor," its "like looking up at speckled light shimmering through swaying branches. I think my heart actually leaves my chest and flutters around the room when I hear Mindy sing." read the review

If you go to her home page there is a free download from her latest album "Anchor". You can download the albums cheaper from the store on her homepage or listen to music  clips on youtube or samples in the itunes store where it is also available.

Here is one of my favourite songs, which happens to be "Anchor". We had a lot of fun this afternoon playing this over and over while I waltzed around the floor with Pearl, Michael and Jericho in turn.

And one last endorsement, while looking for reviews Google popped up with Sandi Henderson's Portobello Pixie blog and guess who is on top of her playlist? And a post all about her love for Mindy lol and a giveaway I missed a month ago :(

Last but not least, this is technically Tuesday's post. I STARTED it on Tuesday. I really must blog earlier in the day. lol

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