Friday, 8 October 2010

Beach and Bread

I promised to take the kids to the beach so despite the day being overcast and gray with a cold southerly wind blowing in from Antarctica (what it felt like to me on the shore) they were determined to enjoy the whole experience.
One of this months projects will be new bathers for Pearl. Shown here in her undies looking saggy after she got a dunking. You can see her here keeping her distance from the waves and running away, as kids like to do.
We were virtually alone on the beach. It felt quite surreal really with a sameness to the sky and sea. Despite the wind which blew continuously it was very serene. Not a single seagull in sight.
 How's the serenity?
 Big brother helping little brother into the shore.

 Heavy clouds rolling in overhead.
 Beautiful all the same.

Here is today's dough after a long knead, just a few minutes before going into the oven. It is in one of my favourite pans. A Vienna loaf pan. I could just sit the dough on a flat tray but i have found the shallow dish shape of the pan makes a difference shaping the loaf and rise.

I just wanted to show how much the wholegrain bread dough rises. I was in a big rush. so no great pics and not the prettiest loaves lol.

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