Sunday, 10 October 2010

Upcycled denim skirt ---->A new schoolbag, minutes before midnight.

 This denim looks better than it ever did on my backside. Yes, this was once a denim skirt of mine that I loved but was uncomfortable to wear.I promised Sarah (nearly 12) a new schoolbag before the holidays ended. That was today. And I kept my promise, by a few minutes! It is quite basic, no pockets other than those on the flap from the original rear skirt pockets. The waistband makes up the strap, the button in the middle, stitched around to reinforce. It has a cherry print lining and a cute dangly bead pin which says "dream, live, create" which I bought from Etsy a long time ago.

I hope she likes it! I only broke one denim needle while sewing which was a pretty good effort really ;) If she doesn't like it, I'll be happy to keep it myself. Tomorrow we might attach some velour or sparkle iron-ons but I will let her choose what and where.


  1. Good job Helen. So did she love it?

  2. Unfortunately yes :( Nothing but smiles and she ran off with it as soon as she aw it so I couldnt' even keep admiring it lol. It was a little big for her but she is happy to grow into it. She's at that age where she will grow and grow..
    I think I will have to scour the op shops for another skirt now. Skirts are easier as they have more flat panels for fabric and extra stitch detailing in some.