Friday, 22 October 2010

What's in their lunchbox?

This morning for some reason Iwas pottering around when I realised the bread was all eaten and I hadn't made more! Eek! I forgot I cut up most of the bread last night to make garlic butter croutons for the caesar salad we had for dinner. (my version with fresh steamed green beans, shaved parmesan, bacon, salad, topped with a poached egg and whole egg mayo).

With kids due to leave in 30mins, it was buggy pikelets to the rescue! I remember when the kids were little there was a cute Welsh cartoon about a family of ducks called Wil Cwac Cwac (Will quack quack) who had wasp porridge for breakfast and mother duck would offer spider cake with snail cream for dessert! Quack-Quaaaaaack! lol Here's a little excerpt I found.

But luckily these bug pikelets are buggy in shape and not content (unless there are weavils I don't know about).

A few months ago while trawling the net I came across Nordic Ware (US), famous for their Bundt tins. Amongst their fabulous cake and muffin tins were a collection of silver dollar pancake pans. I bought the bug one for a novelty lunch idea. There is a plain and barnyard animal one too.

 While I was on a roll, I thought I would bring out a few other lunchtime novelties Bento style with some flower cutters and a boiled egg press from ebay.

 I also cut some cheese flowers. The problem with having such lovely fresh eggs is that they are hard to peel so the bunny is a little messy around the cheeks.
So here are two lunchboxes packed ready to go. The stainless steel lunchboxes I bought at a Mitchell's camping store. Outbound brand. They come in a set of three. Shown here are the large and medium tins. There is also a smaller one. The tins are easy to clean and easy to open.

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  1.! how cool. Love the picklet tins.

    I have one of those egg moulds but I have no idea how to use it????? LOL.