Sunday, 29 November 2009

Giveaway oh Giveaway! week#7 visual diary winner..

IS.... comment 3 from JulieT at Rainbow's End.
Julie is an art teacher so it seems it will be put to good use. I am looking forward to ordering some of the amazing Sun Print she has for sale.

Friday, 27 November 2009

LIttle poppits or an hour of my life..

I was thinking about hourly rates as I designed and made up this little dolly. Then thought about what value would you put on an hour of life if you could buy yourself more time? Anyway, lol. (the things you think about while crafting) here is an hour of my life personified ;P

Ooooh, what's that I spy in the top right corner?

This little Poppit is quite petite, perfect for popping in your pocket or handbag or your mouth if you like to chew things between your gums ;) everything is stitched securely. Can I make more Poppit friends before tomorrow's market?
Oh yes I can and indeed I did:

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Learn to sew with vintage Golden Books.

I love the vintage Little Golden Books with the pics and stories I grew up with.

I made a few of these learn to sew cards from damaged vintage Little Golden books, the saggy Baggy Elephant and The Lost Kitten. They will come complete with some yarn and a plastic darning needle.
Suitable for  3yo and over with a wipe clean surface.  I will make more depending on how they go this weekend.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Giveaway extension.. and a little instant Giveaway!

Sorry folks, this week didn't really happen for me so far as sewing, blogging and such. It was one big round of parties and celebrations. I am totally over-caked!

So,  what I will do is put together a little surprise package for one lucky entry from this week, and leave this journal giveaway open one more week, to close next Sunday the 29th.

And the person to receive the surprise package is... (number drawn from hat due to being down for maintenance).

Comment #5 from Rainbow Child in New Zealand!

Everyone else, sorry to make you wait and have a great week!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Giveaway oh Giveaway! week#7 visual diary

This week's giveaway is a work in progress. Here is a pic of what to expect:

Hilco Euro poplin rose print
Lime Mezzanines print
A5 visual diary

I will update this post with progress pics until it is finished (hopefully before I draw the winner on Sunday after 8pm Adelaide time).

I know the Hilco is highly desirable fabric, cost a bomb etc. I could make DD something very pretty or wait for the perfect project worthy of its beauty, but i was a feeling a bit blah yesterday and just wanted to make something that I really liked and would make me smile. And make you smile too. I am making one of these for myself as well.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Stash #6

It's been a while since I played along with Sunday stash. I had this little pile sitting by my computer with the camera sitting right alongside. It is "Have a Sheri Berry Holiday".

I did show the deer fabric some weeks ago, but bought some of the co-ordinates last week from Tricia's in Edwardstown, SA. There are plenty more different prints in stock. I love the soft minty green and musky pinks rather than the traditional bright red and bottle green. I spied one of my fave vintage prints nearby, also in pink and green.

I'm not absolutely sold on what these will be yet, but whatever it is it will be cute! I am happy to take suggestions if you offer them :)

Giveaway, Oh Giveaway! #6 Moda laceup cards WINNER is..

Congratulations Zofia, I have your address already. Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared your favourite childhood toys. I remember having fun with a lot of those same toys and activities.

Tomorrow brings a new day and a new giveaway!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Pencil roll un-inspiring

I have a little list of things I wanted to make for gifts and my market stall. Pencil rolls hit the top of the list today. I don't know if it is just too hot or I have lost my Sewjo, but I did not enjoy making this and I think it shows lol. I just winged it from what I thought a pencil roll dimensions would be. I don't think I will be making more of these. But here it is:

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Who's been at the Nutella?

While I was occupied, Pearl kept herself occupied scraping the last of the Nutella out of the jar.  I got a lot done in that time and she obviously enjoyed herself too. ;)

A little Saucer-y pincushion tutorial!

Remember these pretty saucers I picked up the other week?
Op shops are full of odds and ends just waiting to be matched up or become useful again. Odd saucers are one of those things that you can usually pick up for very little. They are pretty and charming but without the teacup, they are often left to collect dust. I have seen teacup pin cushions got an idea for a handy little saucer pincushion that can hold the little bits and pieces needed for some hand sewing.

Here's the tute you didn't ask for or want or need but I made anyway lol.

You will need:
Electric drill (preferably with hubby attached to the handle)
Masonry/tile/glass drill bit
Masking tape
Strong thread
Fabric scrap
LONG needle.
Stuffing (polyfil, scrap fill or naturefil)

1. Find a pretty saucer, I recommend garage sales, fetes or Op shops. It doesn't matter if it has a little chip or two. Make sure it isn't a valuable antique so the collectors don't come after you or me with a pitchfork! The ones I used have transfers that are a bit scratched or worn and a tiny chip here or there. That doesn't worry me but it is up to you.
2. Find a fabric to match. Try and use a pattern or colour similar to the saucer or even a fabric the same vintage if you can. I have used quilting cotton and some vintage chintz scraps.

3. Trace around the saucer, about 1-2cm from the edge. This will give you a cushion about the right dimensions.

4.  Using a strong doubled thread, fold the edge of the circle over a little and stitch in and out around the edge, just like you would to make a fabric yo-yo.

5. When you reach where you started, gather the circle by gently pulling the thread. Fill the inside with whatever fill you prefer. I used fabric fluff and scrappy bits for the first one. I made an inner puff from fleece to keep the surface smooth. It looks a bit like a Chinese dumpling or dim sim :). The others have regular polyester fibrefil. I might keep more scrappy bits for filling I think. That way you could have all cotton stuffing too and be extra green if you wished.


5. Pull the thread tight to close the cushion and stitch it tight.

6. Put a cross of masking tape on the front and back of your saucer and mark the centre. The masking tape will stop the drill slipping and also support the saucer.  There are two ways of securing the pincushion to the plate. One of them is NOT glue (read how not to do it below).
First method requires that the underside of the saucer has a rim that will sit over a button and still sit flush.
The second method is to drill two holes in the saucer as though it were a button.
 Either way, mark the holes to drill, either one centered hole, or two holes either side of the center mark. Don't make these too close together. About 1cm apart worked for me.
Use your husband's grotty drill (ask him nicely and he might do it for you) or your own if you have one, and a drill bit suitable for cutting tile. China is VERY tough! I tried a regular masonry bit and that took forever with the first plate. I got a glass/tile bit from the hardware store which worked a treat.

Don't push too hard or go too fast.  Just a steady moderate pressure and speed.
Place a wood scrap underneath so you don't damage your work surface as it goes through, and wear protective eyewear. Also, be prepared for the saucer to crack. Mine were all fine apart from some fine hairline cracks in the glaze on one, but be prepared for it to turn into your next mosaic project :)

7. Stitch a button down through the centre of the pincushion. Stitch through a couple of times and tie off underneath but don't cut the thread.

8a.If you are using a button under the saucer, pass the needle through the saucer hole, through one button hole, then back through the other button hole and back through the saucer. Take it up through the button on top of the pin cushion. This is why you need a nice long needle. It is tricky to find the button hole on the other side, but manageable. Do this a coule of times, or once if you get impatient. lol When finishing off, go down through the top button but not through the saucer. Come out as close to the center underside as you can and tie off.

8b. If you are using two holes on the saucer, pass the needle through in the same way, but it is a bit easier to just tie off on the threads between the holes on the saucer bottom, then thread the needle back through the pincushion. Push the cushion down around the thread and snip so the end disappears when you let go of the cushion.

Yes, these two holes are a bit off centre but it is fine on the other side. This saucer is much shallower underneath as you can see, so I had to drill the second hole after I realised the button wouldn't work.

So there you have it, a saucer pincushion ready for service.

It will keep the bibs and bobs and from buttons rolling away and look pretty at the same time. Another option is to add elastic loops under the cushion so it will hold onto your thread of scissors.

I thought these would also look cute with a little petit four fabric or felt cake pin cushion. Have fun!
Copyright - Just in
Please don't copy this tute elsewhere in any form, printed or electronic. I am happy for you to use a single pic with a link back to this tute if you like. Make as many pincushions as you can personally  for gifts and personal use. If you can sell them as a WAHM with a market stall or online, good luck to you.
Most of all, I would love to see what you make, or anyone at all to just give it a go!

What NOT to do ;)
 When I think of craft and glue, I think of the lowest form of crafting. I hate to use glue to hold things together when there is a better more secure way. In this case, I tried drilling a plate so the cushion could be secured with a large button acting as a washer on the saucer underside. That did work, however, the amount of time it took to drill bone china, even using DH hammer drill with a masonry bit took the shine off (and made the bit blunt after just one plate). In my frustration I glued the pincushions onto the saucers.At least if it does turn out to be the Queens best china, it can be removed again with minimal damage.
However, 5 mins with my quality control staff (2yo DD) and they looked like this, quite pretty really, but not quite what I had in mind. It would have to be a special glue that could handle glazed china and fabric, definitely not your average craft glue :P

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Flat out like a lizard and a flurry of evening activity.

Another day of 39Celsius with 3 more days of 39 forecast. I hate the heat. 
It has managed to cool a little at night so as evening falls, suddenly I manage to get a few things done. Like finishing  the setup between my new fantabulous Klic-n-Kut and my computer. I actually managed to get them to talk to each other. Over the last few days I have been familiarizing myself with the software it came with. I made a series of cute little robots. Just don't talk to me about vectors, it makes my head hurt, but I'm sure I will get there. I managed to get one robot cut out on a scrap. The actual cutout has more detail but the boys ran off with it. I guess that means it is a hit :) . I have so many plans to work out. There will be stencils, transfers, decals, and more to come. The best part is I can use my own original designs.

I managed to get 2 quick pairs of undies cut and sewn for DS with some more cut out ready to go. I don't know how many weeks I have put this off and felt guilty about not doing them. It will feel great to get them out of the way. I used an Ottobre pattern. I haven't finished the leg hem but might do it tomorrow. Or I might just leave them like that as DS doesn't like feeling the band around his leg. The next ones I might cut the rise shorter and put an exposed elastic band instead of a casing.
I didn't use the coverlock either, just overlocked and zigzagged. The next lot will be in contrasting/co-ordinating fabrics too.

 I sewed the button back onto DD's uniform that came off this evening. I think that earns me extra brownie points. (Yes, her uniform is the same plaid that Home and Away uses - the schools biggest claim to fame lol).

And while I had my sharps out, I thought I would show them off. The other day I came across the big ole shears in a tub where they had been hiding for a year or so. They were my MIL's and were given to me with her sewing paraphernalia. I put them beside my $3 cheapie stork scissors for fun.
And here are my fave sharp tools. A Clover quick unpick. Well used. Cheapie stork scissors and thread snips, couldn't live without them. Easy on the hands Fiskars fabric scissors and  small and large Olfa ergonomic rotary cutters, all sitting on my A0 sized self-healing cutting mat bought on ebay.
I cut just about everything out on the mat these days. 
Last of all, I made headway on the saucers I showed you the other day. I hit a stumbling block but I'll tell you all about that another day. If it all turns out as I hope, there will be a tute in it for you!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Giveaway, Oh Giveaway! #6 Moda laceup cards

Here is the perfect gift for a budding sewist. What more could you want in a gift. It is quiet, needs no batteries, no preservatives, teaches basic life skills, has cute animals, vintage styling, teaches fine motor skills, co-ordination and patience! Imagine what it could teach your child lol.

It comes complete with some yarn and two plastic needles but is not suitable for a child under 3yo.

For those overseas that might like to participate, I can't guarantee that you will receive this in time for Christmas but you are welcome to comment.

To enter, leave a comment and if you like, share your favourite vintage toy or game from your childhood. The draw will be made next Sunday evening after 8pm as usual.

Good Luck!

When good crafters go bad..

I just had to share this site with you. I'm probably the last person to discover it, but if you haven't seen this and need a good laugh, are not going to be offended by bad taste, then this is for you..

Handmade Gone Wrong

Here's a cute example but I personally found the giving birth one hilarious!:

This other site I found a while ago. If you can't poke fun at yourself and have a laugh life would be harder than it already is. Not that I ever want any of MY creations ending up there (though it has helped the sales of some sellers).

Regretsy - Bad etsy, BAD!