Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday Stash

What happened to last weeks Sunday stash? Oh well, here's a little bundle that cost me a little bundle (shhh... ;) ), all the way from Germany care of DaWanda. I missed this green cotton knit sweatshirt print in the Craftymamas shop and had to scour the net to find me some. I was lucky enough to find it in pink also, and a couple of others things caught my eye while I was there.
The pink and green Hilco prints will be made into a birthday outfit for Pearl in the next few weeks sometime.


  1. oh i love these! so soft looking too!!

  2. Fabric shopping is dangerous full stop! But even more so online I think. You can just keep clicking on things...
    Lovely choices.

  3. Shhhhhhhh. I got a parcel of knits today too. Yummy! I look forward to seeing them made up.