Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mmm Orange Cake! I need a recipe please..

I have been craving orange cake for months. I kept hinting to DD15 that she should make me one lol. Finally, with all the yummy citrus in season, and with all the family continuously nagging me, I did it! It was good, with orange butter icing, but didn't quite hit the spot or invoke the memories of the sweet moist fragrant cakes of the many potluck dinners and basket suppers of my youth. The middle took too long to bake so it was rather well-done and a bit dry :(

If anyone has a guarranteed never fail yummy moist orange cake recipe to share I will be very grateful.


  1. hmmm. not sure what I did with last night's post. must get more sleep.

    the perfect orange cake is at SBS Food Safari:
    Gluten free, very moist and not from a packet.

    Read the comments then... after boiling oranges remove pips and cut the pith off the two ends (don't remove all the skin though). I haven't tried any of the syrups people recommend because we find the cake sweet enough. Use a high paper collar to reduce browning, bake at 165 degrees. Sorry - I left this last night but must have messed up my profile.

  2. Thankyou! I hope I have the ingredients to try this on the weekend sometime. :)

  3. Here's the recipe for Esther's orange marmalade cake from Jan Karon's Mitford Series (if you haven't read them, they're wonderful!). Anyway, find it here:

  4. Hey, there's that wonderful syrup one, where you pour the syrup (orange juice, zest and some lemon and sugar) on the cake while it's still warm, so it's moist and yummy. Pretty sure it's in Cookery the australian way cookbook.