Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday Stash

Meet my stash, well, part of it. As you can see, what started off as a book shelf is being gradually taken over by my stash. I recently took over the room I wanted to refer to as "the library" or "the study" but which was commonly known as "the computer room". There are 2 large desks opposite the shelving, which used to host 4-5 dusty crt monitors, desktops keyboards and mice. They now host my sewing machine, overlocker and coverlock, AO size cutting mat and desktop lamps. Now 3 of my favourite things are very close to each other. I love to read, I love to create and love music. The front "lounge room" which I like to call the "music room" is right next door and holds a piano, old reed organ, guitars, violin, saxaphone, keyboard and all sorts of other musical mess. This is now my happy zone ;)

This is most of my stash but it has grown since I took this pic. I am trying to create some sort of status quo, to use as much as comes in. It sounds like a good plan in theory.
Each Sunday I will introduce some of my favourites or newcomers to the stash.

This week let me introduce a whimsical newcomer found in a $2 bag at the local Opshop yesterday.
Just over half a metre of this very vintage cotton print. I have no plans for it, just thought I'd share. Isn't it funny that the prints and colours you grew up with and hated are now like old friends reminding you of good times?

And I may as well show the rest of the treasure bag which included cord, seersucker, checks prints and all sorts. will my stash end up in bags at the local Opshop one day? I better get sewing!


  1. Wow! What a stash! Love your op shop finds too! :) K

  2. What a large stash, it looks like you are almost at bursting point!