Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Enids coming soon...

Keep an eye out for these Enid Gilchrist patterns soon to be materialized.

This one looks nice and simple although it has some shirring which I have never attempted before. I guess I have to start somewhere!

This one I want to turn into a dress and cut the front panel on the fold. It has a real fifties feel to it. But look at the shirring on the back. I guess I like a challenge :)

This is the one I have already made up though made a few mistakes (not critical) that I have now learnt from, like which way to sew the elastic casing fold. It should be ready to view soon.

I would like a simple pattern I can embroider onto and this looks good. I will probably make it reversable as I have about had enough of patterns that need binding lol. I might also draft a simple shift dress for the same purpose.

OK OK OK yeah I get the whole Village People Brokeback Mountain thing. lol Still for crawlers how practical would a pair of chaps be? Or boys who put holes in their knees. Not sure if I can get over the associations though... WDYT? are you ROFLOL like my sis when I told her? __________________

1 comment:

  1. Yes had to have a giggle with the cowboy pants, not a bad idea though! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make up with these lovely patterns!