Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Embroidery is fun

I have a small collection of vintage childrens picture books. I love the old pictures and stories found in them. This week I found another use for them. I found a few simple drawings to trace and embroider. I am a novice with the floss but I enjoy it and practice makes perfect. First I traced this cute little fluffy duck called Dilly. I just love her shoes and they HAD to be red ones !

Sorry about the picture quality, I really DO need a new camera and to take pics in natural light. Blogging late at night is not good!

I'm not sure what she will grace as yet and isn't perfect but I am pretty pleased considering it is my first bit of embroidery in years. It was very relaxing stitching her in front of the telly in the evening. A bit more social than stuck at the computer or in the sewing room :) (at least I was watching something with the family lol) I took the pic late at night and so it was very dull so tried some tricks to lighten it but I think I need a few more skillz in that department lol.

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