Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I enjoyed writing and poetry. In another life. The one that is a distant memory, between childhood and adulthood. These days I struggle to get words on to the page as fast as possible so i can get onto the next things needing to be done.
Today I passed by A Foothill Home Companion and saw her daily Haiku challenge. I can't promise daily Haiku but I love it's simplicity and it will be nice to stretch my brain with something different.
Last night I decided to sort buttons. The box I showed at the beginning of the month. I was up quite late, all silent except for the clink and rattle of buttons, their colours shining in the lamplight. I thought about all the fingers that had undone the buttons. the garments they had graced, where they had been, how they had been treated. And of course the people that had worn them.
So here is my first blog Haiku (five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables).

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  1. so good! i love buttons, and all the memories they represent.