Sunday, 12 July 2009

Birthdays, clippies and a big catchup!

Where did the last two weeks go? I think I will start with the latest news and work my way backwards. This week was Pearls 2nd birthday. I made her some felt food, and 2 new dresses.
Beccy made her some playdough.

This green thing is a frog cake lol. You probably have to be South Australian to appreciate it. I sort of winged it so it's not the best, but it was fun to make. I didn't use any patterns. I would like to try some more things sometime like cupcakes, pancakes and eggs. I just ran out of time.

fettucine with mushrooms and a meatball....

the sauce is cut in a concertina effect......

some crackers, but where is the cheese?

cherry tomatoes and a chicken drumstick (though it looks more like a crumbed sausage lol)...

some cheesy pasta.

Pearl's dress is made from Hilco fleece. I made the pattern up on the spur of the moment. I was going to make a Farbenmix Olivia but felt like something different. It went together really easily and the full circle skirt has a lovely twirl.
I am going to make lots more of these dresses. short sleeved versions, long sleeves,layered puff sleeves, layered skirts, lots of plans..
I made matching clippies using felt and scraps for her wispy hair.

This little overdress is an Ottobre pattern. The binding was not cooperative and I am hoping it will settle over time. It is a good pattern though which will last for ages. Pearl had this same pattern made up over a year ago and still wears it as a much shorter pini/vest. I want to get as much wear as possible from the fabric as 1. it is so cute, 2. expensive, 3. hard to get hold of.

I cut the little bird out without checking placement and when I turned it over, there was the perfect eye placement! so I added a small glass bead to give it a wink.

Giving the dress a test run. She is not quite up to twirling yet.
Love the odd shoes?! lol

I didn't manage to get a good shot of the cake myself but luckily Sarah took some photos with her camera.
Beccy made a chocolate mud cake and we used packaged fondant icing to model with. Pearls favourite song is the one that goes:
Da-glumph went the little green frog one day......We all know frogs go, ladedadeda....etc
Beccy made the little green frog on the lilypad and a speckled frog prince to sit on a speckled log (another frog song) and I made the lilypad with Mr Frog who jumped out of the pond (another song).

I made a whole bunch of clippies for my market stall this month. Hopefully I will get lots more done in different colours and styles.

This month's crafty Mamas swap was for 30x5" fabric squares in as many different designs as possible from your stash. Here are the 30 I chose for my swapee.

I was thoroughly spoilt in return by Claireberry who sent these lovely packages and handmade card with a note. I love all the recycled wrappings.

Inside one was some chocolate, mmm, you can never go wrong there :) and a cute button tin complete with buttons and ribbon.

The actual swap is fantastic. Blues and greens, spots, checks and florals including yummy vintagey goodness. I havne't decided what to make yet but I do need a new bag..

Late this week I also got to meet some other Crafty Mamas from Adelaide and visiting. In my typical style I decided an hour or so before leaving that it would be cute to have a Crafty Mama matroyshka brooch to wear. Of course it was all rather rushed and her apron is wonky but that is probably typical of me, rushing around at the last minute lol. Why do I get the best ideas when it is too late to implement? I still think she is cute and plan on making a whole bunch of them. Maybe for market.

I also had a fabric delivery and whipped up another of my new dress from this lovely soft jersey knit. I love the colours. I couldn't get a good shot as my 13yo son was being a clown and amusing himself at my expense by jumping in front of the camera everytime I tried to take a pic. Gotta love school holidays and wearing PJs all day lol!

Lastly, the week after the market, when I was relaxing, Sarah reminded me late one night that she needed 2 costumes for her dress rehearsal at school the next day. I was too tired that night, so the next morning put together a mermaid from silvery lurex knit and cancan ruffle tail. I ahd some very stiff interfacing to use to support it. I shirred the front bodice and used elastic for straps.

She actually had to sit for her part so could tuck her feet behind.

One of my vintage hats, a shawl and her sisters coat made a good fairytale granny/mum. I would have done a dress and apron but she needed to wear the mermaid costume underneath and had about 40 seconds to change.

Soon I will be busy working on the next school drama production, Peter Pan. Sarah will be playing Wendy.

And that's just about it .. Phew!

My sisters and niece are heading to the US and I am expecting some cool packages when they get back :)

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  1. Der-Glumph was the first song Charlotte learnt. I think it might be my favourite too :)

    You have been super productive. Great work!!