Sunday, 19 July 2009

My new baby..

And what a cutie! Abandoned in a cardboard box, half hidden under a trestle table at the previously mentioned jumble sale, no cord apparent. (To the ignorant that is) Her name, Elna Lotus.
I gently picked her up in her original carton and asked a kind granny what she was worth. She suggested $30? $25? seeing as she was cordless. . Yes please! I said. And the cord is tucked away inside I pointed out after. Then there was a lot of very regretful mumbling about the local ladies sewing group, but the deal was struck and I was not letting go.
Then straight out to the car to discover her secrets. Three fold down flaps, a lift up accessory flap on the top, and underneath the original manuals, 25yr warranty (those were the days) and 2 glossy sales brochures. Apparently bought from the Myer Emporium though there was no date.
When I got home I plugged her in and after some initial hiccups and adjustments she was purring powerfully in a low husky tone in speeds up to 1000 stitches per minute, without missing a beat! the only feature missing that would be nice is variable foot pressure. I can live without a free arm. Otherwise, she has more useful stitches than my current main machine. She is the top of the range luxury T SP model. Move over Janome!
She is small and compact but not really a featherweight with her fully cast body. Definitely suitable for travelling, visiting and craft groups and retreats.

Pretty glamorous baby! and modest too lol.


  1. what a deal, you are so lucky.

    Gill in Canada, popped in via Crafty Mamas

  2. ok big score for you and I love the name of your blog..your writing is awesome...blessings, Jennifer

  3. Oooooh, I learnt on one just like that. Well done!