Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday Stash #5

This week I have some exciting prints with an asian flavour. I have had my eye on these on ebay for a while. The blue kimono print especially. And how could I resist the little kawai bunnies on the other two? These will be fun to sew up. I will probably make a kimono style dress for DD. Similar to if not actually the Modkid Kyoko pattern.
DS my resident Japanese knowitall assures me they must be Chinese or Korean prints not Japanese, but cute is cute in any language.
Apparently kawai means cute in Japanese. He taught me something! lol But kowai means scary, so be careful in your pronunciation.


  1. Love the bunnies in the second photo! Very cute.

  2. Oh they are divine! Just gorgeous. What a great stash. :) K

  3. Cute fabric...I really love that last fabric, gorgy!

  4. love Asian fabric too! funny to see traditional looking Asian fabric with little cartoon bunnies :) cute!

  5. That is fabulous fabric! It's going to look amazing all sewn up.