Saturday, 5 December 2009

Schwarzkopf, not just a brand..

Last night DH had his Christmas work party. I don't know what possessed me to dye my hair the same day.
I know, I think I was envisioning a glamorous transformation in a bottle :p. Chocolate brown, no less. How could that go wrong? Well, with a brand name like Schwarzkopf (meaning black head in German), I should have known better. That's just what I got. Well as close to black as I would ever want to go.
 I think I look a lot more like my dark haired sisters. I was born blonde and was blonde until my teens. :( So this is a real culture shock for me.
I am exposing my rather messy workspace but I'm sure you won't notice anything past those glossy raven locks haha.


  1. I died my hair in a motel room this year - I was sick, bored and in the middle of no where!! My hair was VERY dark and it made me look even sicker!! I've vowed never to dye my own hair again... As i look into the mirror and see regrowth.. I will not be tempted.

    Just keep washing it till it fades!

  2. I decided to go red earlier this year, nothing unusual there, I generally do, except this time I bought a dye that lightened my naturally dark brown (and grey streaked) hair, and then dyed it bright, pippi longstocking red ARGHH!! Then a few months later, I got my husband to put a black dye through for me...... way better result, but I had grey patches all over my forehead, neck and ears for a few days lol! Ive got another pack sitting in the bathroom, black again but this time I will do it myself lol!!
    Anyway Your hair looks great! It will fade, and you will get used to it! Love the christmas countdown too!!