Sunday, 6 December 2009

80s little girl Party dress to 09 teen skirt

I found this dress at a fete a few months ago and it was quite pretty in a classic style but wouldn't fit any of my girls as is. DD16 found some pretty floral skirts at Valley Girl but clever girl, came to me rather than spend her money there. So off came the full skirt of the dress and out with the zip (saved of course). The bodice is being adjusted for another dress for DD2. The print is much prettier in real life than these pictures show.

add a white tier for a little more length and elastic casing around the waist and voila!

We have some op-shopping planned these holidays for more reconstruction projects. That's my girl! One day I'll figure out how to record and add sound to my blog. DD just finished writing another song and it is pretty good even if I do say so myself. :D


  1. Nice skirt. Much better than wasting money at valley girl

  2. good on you, and great that your girl is following your footsteps and upcycling rather than going commercial.

  3. Gorgeous skirt, way better then a "bought" one!

  4. Oh Helen that is GREAT! I hope you figure out how to do the sound (you could always upload it to youtube with some pretty pics as a clip... I'm SURE your daughter would know how to do that!) & then post the vid here...), would love to hear that song!

  5. great transformation Helen. Sounds like a talented daughter there, love to hear it :)