Monday, 7 December 2009

101st post 101 button giveaway prize winner is...

Rose.W from Heart of Rose. I just read some great tips on how to get kids to pick up after themselves. Rose was fed up and officially cancelled Christmas for her messy kids. She even packed up the Christmas tree! I'll be interested to read if it gets re-instated and if the messy kids become clean kids in time for Christmas.

Thankyou to everyone for entering and just for hanging around to see what I am up to. I must admit I can be found talking to myself quite regularly but it makes you look so much saner if it appears someone is listening :)

Tonight is our official put the tree up night, but I don't feel like my house is ready for Christmas either. I am trying to find a place to even PUT the tree.  I hope I can find a corner soon and so do the kids. Instead tonight we watched a video about the Wise Men and Nativity and ate icecream.

BTW this really IS the 101st post :D I think I timed that pretty well. I'm glad I didn't have 20 lost drafts in my dashboard to get rid of.

Enjoy the buttons Rose! I have sent you an email.

One more giveaway will be announced tomorrow night. Stay tuned!


  1. Congrats to Rose. I think I'm going to get an xmas tree decal - then just whack it on the wall. But I don't have kids so no xmas tree at my place

  2. So this is the elusive 101st post! Congratulations Helen my dear! (& damn you Rose!!! Hehehe..)