Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Giveaway #9 vintage needle cases

This week, I have two little needle books or cases to giveaway. They are only I trifle really, and I only require a trifle of you, to simply leave a comment.
There will be one for two lucky people. The first is a vintage style that has been around forever. It seems to me that Grannies have been making these for fetes and trading tables since the dawn of time. Along with baskets and bins and just about anything else you can name. I had a lovely chat with the stallholder about his wares and how they were constructed from old calendars, cards, wallpaper and yarn, all donated. Some people had donated bags full of cards and wrapping paper from loved ones who had collected them all their lives.  Our Grannies knew how to recycle long before it was trendy or urgent. Next time I see him I will be buying a waste bin for my fabric scraps. Unfortunately before I got to his stall I had spent most of my cash.

The second is felt with a tiny lace doily handstitched to the front. This came to me as part of a deceased estate.
 Good luck!


  1. I'm the first. Just yesterday I was thinking how I need to better look after my sewing needles. Storing them pinned in the curtain on the lounge isn't cutting it.
    My plan for 2010 is to recycle as much as I can!

  2. They are really sweet. Expecially the doily one. I met that man last time I was at the Goodwood Road markets. It was lovely to see a stall of a somewhat lost art!

  3. Such a cute way to recycle old cards!

  4. how lucky to find these - they are so cute!
    gill x