Thursday, 3 December 2009

The 2009 Advent Blog~a~long, more Oppy treasures and a 101 post milestone!

The 2009 Advent Blog~a~long
I had a lot of fun with Blogtober and just found this Christmas blog-a-long so thought I would join in. It will be a challenge timewise as things get hectic closer to Christmas but this time of year there is always a lot to blog about. If you would like to join in, click the link above.

 I'm still working on tidying up and decluttering my sewing room. I can see about 5 square metres of shiny polished floorboards now which is making me feel all happy and shiny inside lol. I still have a big box of fabric scraps to deliver to the kindy or school. I went over the bookshelves some more and collected another two bags of donations which I dropped off at the Oppy this morning. Of course I couldn't resist a peek inside this time. I also couldn't resist this vintage china elephant either! I am pretty stingy so $6.99 from an op-shop hurt a bit but he is worth it! He is up safe on a high shelf away from Pearl's clutches (I hope) so he doesn't meet the same fate as the little china puppy she was given at another op-shop a few weeks ago! He lost his tail on our front verandah step. He didn't even make it inside the front door (sigh).

Then there was this biscuit tin that reminded me of the ones I had been admiring so much over at Poppy Lane. Kali has the most beautiful pictures of sweet vintage things and panoramic and charming Tasmania where she lives. Her home is like a postcard.

Speaking of roses, these two little rosy saucers were just a trifling amount and I am thinking of a little more saucery!

Lastly there is the little rolling pin for Pearl. She will love having her own to roll the gingerbread dough.
 It is quite small and light so I am less concerned about Michael getting concussion ;)

I thought I checked not that long ago, how many times I had posted on my blog, and I thought there was aaaages to get to 100 posts. Luckily today just realised that my previous post was the 100th post because there has to be some kind of celebration. So this will be my 101 celebration post. The other milestone I really wanted for the week was to get to 40 followers. I am only 1 off 40 and that will do... So what can I do but have ANOTHER giveaway. Just for those who are loyal readers and followers that managed to get this far and would like to comment. The prize will be, 101 BUTTONS from my collection! I will draw this late on Monday evening Adelaide time.


  1. Well done, 101 posts, very good effort- as was your recent op shopping. I love that rolling pin. I went to a cafe in Melb. last week and they had heaps and heaps of rolling pins hanging from the ceiling. It was great. OOh, and buttons are your prize, well one can never have too many of those!!

  2. Congratulations on 101 potst! Your are so generous to offer yet another giveaway! Thanks for a chance at such possibilities with 101 buttons!

  3. Ohh Congratulations - blogging can be quite a commitment! I'd love to win some buttons thanks!

    Love the elephant!

  4. Congrats on 100+ blog posts! Yay, buttons! And just so you know, I'm a follower (google reader)!

  5. ooooooooooooooooh buttons i LOVE buttons :)
    Congrats on 101 posts! hehe

  6. hooray for reaching 101 - nice work. your elephant looks lucky:) I wouldn't mind a chance at winning 101 buttons. I'm fond of buttons too.

  7. Congrats on the 101 and the 39 followers!!

  8. Oh congrats Helen!! A great acheivement!
    Buttons? How could I refuse ;)

  9. Well done on 101 posts. I LOVE your Oppie finds. That elephant is just too cute, definately worth the $6.99 (which is a little high for an oppie lol).
    Congrats too on your now 40 followers (I just snick a peek over to see the total lol)

  10. Well done on 101 posts. If I ever visit your place, I'm going to steal your elephant. He's spunky!

  11. Congratulations on 101 posts and 40 followers. After seeing this I decided to check mine and had to laugh, I'm half of both those: 50 posts and 20 followers!
    xx B.

  12. Congrats Helen!! :)

    Don't let that dodgy Tas in your house. ;)

  13. Oh! Yeah!

    That's what I'm talking about! 101 buttons.... *fades off into daydream induced silence*

    What?! Oh! Congratulations on (sort of hehe) getting to 101! I think the blog police have December off... ;)

    Thanks for letting me know about this sweet Helen - I DO follow you - but I also follow waaaaaaaaaaaay too many other blogs, and occasionally, well, I have to sleep... ;)

    Here's to another 101 you creative genius you!

  14. I'm glad the elephant made it into the house unlike the dog. The last time anything similar to that happened to me was when I was at uni and dropped a bottle of scotch as I walked inside... I almost cried.
    Congrats on blogging and hitting 40 followers - I get very exicted when someone new follows me!! Love reading your blog.