Friday, 16 September 2011

Scrappy Flower Tutorial.

 I am making a stack of these scrappy flowers to sell on my Christmas market stall. they will feature on hairclips and bands and all sorts of accessories. Here is a field of scrappy flowers awaiting their final touches.

Cut 6-7 circles the same size,

I used my clover yoyomakers for easy guides. I put a few layers inside then just cut around the edges, Some people like plain circles and the frayed look, I've used my pinking shears.

Use one circle for the base, depending on the final use, you might like to stiffen it or use felt.
Take a second circle and fold in half.

Then fold the half so that one third of it covers the second third.

Place it so the edges line up with the base and stitch it up through the doubled third and back through the single third.

Rinse and repeat
Place each subsequent folded circle onto the single fold of the previous one, leaving a small gap.

When you get to the end, tuck the single side of the last piece, under the double side of the first piece. Mostly I use 5 pieces around but for some reason, this time I needed 6 to go around

Embellish with yoyos or buttons or whatever and attach to whatever you like such as hairband, brooch, hairclip, dress, etc. Make double or triple layers in graduating sizes for an even fuller look.
Here's one using a second layer of the same size circles overlapped just a little in the centre.

Now, go get your scraps and start snipping and stitching !

You can make these to sell or use however you like yourself but of course the text and pics and tute itself are copyright. Which means you need permission to reproduce. (In case you hadn't figured that out).

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