Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rainbow Dash!

That's what we did today rushing to get to kindy in the rain! It's dull and dreary today so I thought  little colour was in order.

Pearl is wearing an assortment of hand made, hand dyed and hand-me-downs and she couldn't be happier! Princess raincoat and purple boots from cousin Sophie, handknit rainbow jumper from a 2nd hand fete clothing stall, black leggings and flet rainbow flower clippie made by me and rainbow twirl redondo hand dyed and sewn by Sara at Willow & Moo. Pearl keeps sprouting up and her skirt is now above her knees and getting tight around the tummy so it won't be long before it will be some other little girls  twirly joy. That's the circle of life  love ;)


  1. Oh booohooo! I can't imagine Pearl without a rainbow skirt. It really suits her. You might be able to twist my arm in a couple of months or even sooner than that. I think I might be able to handle a once and a while single skirt, but this batch production stuff kills me now! :)

  2. Pearl looks so much like you! We love our rainbows. Sara I wouldn't admit too loud that your arm can be twisted! Heather should be right for a few years as she has a few to grow into.

  3. I think it will last a couple of months sara :) thankyou for offering :) And then it will be the run-up to Christmas! So maybe in the New Year? (unless you are planning on dying before then).

    Lucky you have a rainbow stash Tracy!

    Did anyone pick that Rainbow Dash is the name of a My Little Pony? ;) One of Pearl's favourites of course!