Thursday, 3 June 2010

Cinderella*Zwergen*Mode Lolita

*SHOCK* A sewing post!
This long sleeved top is by Cinderella*Zwergen*Mode available from Crafty Mamas here in Australia. We had a forum challenge to make up a Lolita pattern and Lisa kindly offered a 10% discount on the pattern price for the forum members to buy the pattern and sew a long.
This is a great pattern to use up those cute scrappy bits that are too small for most other things.
 Isn't Pearl cute in her piggy tails! She has grown so tall and her hair so long.
I can see a few more of these in Pearl's future. :)


  1. That is really cute Helen. And doesn't Pearl look like you?

  2. love the birdy fabric. Very cute

  3. Ahh, too cute!
    Wow wee Pearl is growing fast!

  4. Sbe is gorgeous - her hair is so pretty - lovely top!

  5. The pink bird fabric is great!... where is it from/called?

  6. Tas don't wish that on the poor girl lol!
    The fabric is from the US and it is called..(off to check)pink chickadees. I bought through a co-op and sometimes you can find rare things on small US shopping carts but i had a quick look and couldnt' see any. It was a while ago. It also came out in blue.:

  7. Another thing, the print was a Mad Sky Kids print re-run. They have great prints and sometimes Crafty-Mamas and other boutique fabric sellers and co-ops can get hold of extras and reprints so many can't be found in regular stores. The chickadee range is viewable on this link as well as other prints that have just arrived in the Crafty Mamas shop.