Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pernille for Winter

It's suddenly freezing cold. What more could a girl ask for than a sparkly fairy princess style jumper?
Here are pics of a work in progress. The sequined polar fleece is a challenge for my sewing machine. No problem for the overlocker.
OK, I discovered I jsut needed to rethread my sewing machine :) So all is good with the world.
Here is a link to the pattern by Janea Princess. One warning, the pattern is in German, but you can follow just about any basic guide for putting together a hooded tee and I think there are links to a picture tutorial as well.


  1. It's gorgeous Helen - perfect for a little princess :)

  2. so pretty! did you use a pattern? i'm newish to sewing.

  3. Thanks Kirsten :)
    Hi Techgirl, I bought the pattern from I'll put a link in the post. If you aren't already a member, take a look at the forum. It's great for new and experienced sewists to share skills, pattern reviews and pics plus special offers from the crafty mamas shop. thanks for visiting :)

  4. The little princess looks so warm and so cute!
    Perfect! Has she taken it off yet?

  5. I love the sequins! Looks so snow sparkly! I have this pattern, but there's no yardage chart or cutting diagram. Did one come with yours? My great-grandaughter looks to be about the same size as you little girl. Mind telling me how mych fabric it took? I think I can figure out a cutting diagram after I get some fabric, but don't know how much to buy!

  6. Thankyou, my DD was still wearing this for the second winter and it lasted well. I'm not sure how much it took, but I'm pretty sure I had a 1yard piece and I had a little left over. That was to fit a 3-4yo size. The fabric was probably 150cm wide (or imperial equivalent) which would make a difference.