Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cooking adventures! Bread and pasta

 Yesterdays lunch, organic wholemeal, rye and sorghum knot rolls. Light and tasty, a nice chewy crust and perfect with tasty cheese and butter.

Some of us were lucky to scrape out the dish of leftover lemon butter from Asher's Lemon Monkey Bread cake. The lemon butter was made with fresh laid eggs and cultured butter. I need to make MORE!

For tea we had homemade pasta extruded from my Marcato Regina pasta machine. I used a modified pasta recipe from Mangia Bene Pasta I say modified because I couldn't just leave well enough alone and follow instructions. I wanted to try a regular flour and water paste pasta, but used just one egg. I cleverly omitted the olive oil. I tried making the spaghetti but it was sticking together like crazy. The beauty of this is if it goes wrong, just smoosh it all up and try again.

 After adding the oil I tried the rigatoni? largest tube disc and had great success. I also found with these larger shapes that using a light back and forth motion to trim the pasta as it comes out works much better as a quick slice tends to stick the tube ends together.

Looks like real pasta! By the time I had done this it was getting late so they could have done with a bit more drying to hold their shape. I managed to squish them when I bunched the cloth up to put them in the boiling water. The flavour was good but I prefer egg noodles. Texture wise, they were a bit like gnocchi as the walls were quite thick and some were a just little stodgy though not heavy. At least they were filling.
No-one complained (a compliment in itself) and there wasn't a noodle left in a single bowl so I call that a big success ;)


  1. Wow my mouth always waters when I am visiting your blog I would love one of those pasta making dohickies!

  2. oh my Helen My mouth is watering at that handmade pasta! I love that machine you have. i have one that makes sheets and spaghetti and linguine

  3. That, my dear, is some impressive looking pasta. And as a carb girl, I am salivating!