Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Can you pick the freerange eggs?

I made two batches of scrambled eggs (with pepper) this morning. They are almost unrecognisable as the same food. I had camera troubles and when I finally came to take the pic, someone had helped themselves to some eggs. You can see which they chose.
So, did you guess which were freerange eggs? If you guessed the ones on the left, you were right. If you guessed the eggs on the right, you were also right. The eggs on the left were supermarket "freerange" eggs, which by the looks the hens got some fresh air and windy pudding in a barren dirt yard. If your hens are freeranged  where the grass is sprouting lush and green like in my backyard, you get eggs such an intense gold it is hard to believe the colour is natural.
So, do you want "freerange" eggs or freerange eggs?
Some purists say that a backyard doesn't constitute free range, neither does a barn opened an hour a day or dirt yards resembling a barren moonscape. It certainly does make a difference though, even if you dont' have a few acres for true freerange hens.
I have had caged hens eggs that are more yellow than those on the left and sometimes the yolks are more orange/yellow than my hens, but when you cook them like this, there is a depth and intensity to the colour that can't be manufactured. I think the layer mix must have beta carotene or something added to make the caged eggs more appealing and healthy looking.
I just wish my chooks would all start laying so I don't have to buy an inferior product ;)


  1. Amazing isn't it. What's left of our hens are off the lay right now and I had to buy supermarket eggs.

  2. I love freerange eggs and miss having my own chooks. Looks like I'll be able to have some nice farm fresh ones from next week tho'. YAY! My friend said she'd sell me some!!!

  3. I knew instantly which ones were the homelaid eggs as we used to have chickens growing up and the yolks were always so yellow. I think it was all the fresh green vegies they were given to eat that made them so wonderfully yellow!

  4. Oi Helen, After reading all your blog adventures in cooking I've decided you should come and cook for us!

  5. Wow, that really is a big difference!