Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hard rubbish heart stopper!

I often see things of interest on the footpaths when it is time for hard rubbish collection but I'm more often than not too proud to stop unless it's very dark and the goods are very good! Yesterday however, I couldn't get back with my van fast enough to pick up this lovely 1950s suite even though it was still daylight with plenty of traffic and the owners were obviously still home.
The suite is in great condition apart from the seat cushions which have loose zipped covers. The top of a couple of the chairs is threadbare but I can use the good bits of the cushions to make anti-Macassar type covers. The vinyl is excellent. Just one small corner on one of the seats has a small hole and there is a rip low on the back of another chair but it is easily reached for a quick reinforcing patch. I just love the fabric so I need to save as much as possible. The seat covers I think I will cover with a wide wale black cord to match the grain of the original fabric. I reckon I can even use the original cording.
So here it is!


  1. Fantastic score Helen and lovely to think it's gone to a good home.

    Reminded me of a friend a few years ago who similarly saw a couch on someones verge. He had rope in the car and as he only lived a few streets away decided to tie it to his sedans roof - just as he was about to drive off the owner came running down the driveway asking for his couch back...he'd had it delivered and was just inside organising someone to help him get it inside!

  2. Wow what a good find. We just have skips round here, sometimes people throw such good things away.