Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Opportunities missed.

Today, for something different, I thought I would show what I DIDN"T bring home with me from the Op shops I visited.
Feel free to vote with your comment if you think I should have bought something I didn't or if it is awful not awesome!
First up, here's a fold out bed. This one could handle a pretty comfy thick foam mattress and it even incorporates a headboard that slides down into position as it is opened. When it's closed it doubles as a table!
Unfortunately way too bulky compared to the two slim line ones that get regular use from the boys friends.
Next a vintage map tray. It has a few spots on the surface and the handle binding was loose on one side. $3
 Across the other side I spotted two, umm, what would you call them? Not exactly stools, not exactly pouffes but wooden frames with lovely gold embossed vinyl cushions. $10ea, surprisingly priced quite steep for this oppy.
I even left behind some vintage fabrics. sigh... $1 each piece, and $3.50 for a bajillion metres of floral binding.
This glass complete 7 piece dessert set was quite sweet with it's patterned glass and flower accent. $6
A complete Arcopal dinnerset. $8
 A plastic lemon yellow lemon squeezer with gold decal (it's more lemon yellow irl). .50c

A Johnson plate on the freebie table in a pattern I haven't seen around much. I don't collect Johnson plates (obviously) but thought I'd throw this pic out there for those that do.

And lastly something I actually meant to buy but forgot! I'll have to go back another day and hope they are still there. Thread holding racks for $1 a pair.
Maybe tomorrow I can share what i actually did get.


  1. Where do I place my order?!

    Not sure I'll be able to stand the pain of seeing what you actually did bring home - it has to be the best oppy in Oz!

  2. Fabric!!!! Vintage glass and thread holder would be my vote!!!

  3. glass dessert set and johnson plate. hurry up and put something else up, I keep looking but nothing is up yet!

  4. nag nag nag, where are your pictures? lol Westminster fair this weekend, should be good!

  5. I am going to Mt Gambier this weekend, will check out there op shops. Hope to be up there for Easter as well.

  6. Hard to resist the map tray, but yes good call. I agree tho that you MUST go get those thread holders asap!

  7. get those thread holders asap!!! n that binding....oh!!!