Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mother's Day brekky and homemade English muffins

This Mother's Day I had a real treat. I have never made crepes before and that is what Beccy made. A cup of rosehip and ginger tea, 3 Banana caramel crepes with a creamy homemade caramel sauce and 2 perfectly poached eggs. this is what real FRESH eggs look like when poached, not in a poaching cup, but slipped straight into boiling water. see how well they hold their shape? Lucky I always have plenty of volunteers to help me eat my big breakfast. It was enjoyed by many. How lucky am I?
See my special Mothers day teacup with the chip? Bought just like that from the school trading table :D
These three are a little "well done" on one side  lol, but nevermind. I used some squat 425g tins as muffin rings. I must say the contents of the tins were pretty yuck! I bought them especially to obtain the large high rings for making muffins. My childhood memories of Big Sister chocolate pudding have been betrayed. It was sweet and not remotely chocolate tasting even though it was "brownish". Luke ate the "stew" in one of the tins and considering he will eat just about anything (including bugs) he said it was disgusting. I should have stuck to tuna cans :).
                                                   The muffins are rather fat lol. but very tasty.

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  1. Just had lunch but I am salivating now. Those muffins look ridiculously yummy but I have to say they are THE best looking poached eggs that I have EVER seen. Can I come and live at your house so I can eat your breakfast?