Saturday, 5 September 2009

Where do I start? Felt Clippies.

I have had so much fun with felt the last few weeks. I know I showed my felt food efforts earlier but since then what I thought would be a felt stash depleting exercise has typically become a stash building exercise and a new obsession. Hairclips and brooches in particular. Using some simple dies to cut the felt shapes uniformly made it easier to and faster to put together some cute combinations. Of course, that then led to the need to accumulate dies in all shapes and sizes. which led onto, "what else can I cut with these dies?". Hmm, I've cut just about everything except what they were intended to cut. :) So I have been merrily going with the flow and my crafty stash snowballing along side me as I go.
Here's where I started with hand pinked felt edges and yo-yo hearts. (did I mention the need to acquire every shape and size of Clover yo-yo maker? Bought at sale time of course!)

Next came the die-cut clippies starring vintage/upcycled buttons, along with some sales to help feed the hungry stash-monster.

Along came some custom orders.

And the very popular rainbow clippies..

and my personal favourites, the bluebirds.

I was surprised at their popularity with older girls and young women at one of my recent local markets.
I will be making more for my etsy store and of course for my little and big girls!

Stay tuned! It will be a big bloggy week.

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  1. I'm completely in love with the blue birds and the blue and plaid clips. Seriously cute!