Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sweet Serendipity

I was certainly blessed with some amazing finds this week. Of course there were doilies.
 I love that mens shirt and tie so much it features twice lol.
The stuff above was from a garage sale. Vintage bed covers and curtains and that HUGE bag chock full of amazing old linens. I just don't have time and space to share them all individually. I was in vintage linen heaven as I didn't check the contents until I got home.
This tin and contents cost me $1. I thought the cap was an old wedding cap but My Mum thinks it is just a fancy night cap. Either way it is exquisite!
Brand New shoes from the oppy for my hard to fit wide feet. Bargain!!!
Gorgeous vintage bedspreads. the larger pic is the true colour.

And lastly a beautiful print in a vintage frame. I love, love, love this! sorry there is so much reflection.the print has dropped within the frame so will have to fix it.

I was thinking I might have to show  a bit more restraint after this week's haul but then I found out my sister from Victoria will be over and we are planning a giant op shopping fest so I'm pretty sure there will be plenty to share next week :)

Check out Flea Market Finds for more Op-shopping adventures.

Monday, 6 February 2012

JaM and Tea with Jody Pearl

Apparently I have 5 hours left to catch Jody Pearl's JaM and tea meme from last week! lol I knew what I would take pics of but didn't get around to it until now.
I have 2 pics to share, the first is a very special tea set given to me by my Mother-in-Law. This set of 6 teacups and saucers belonged to her mother or perhaps her grandmother. I have never used them for their purpose and niether did my MIL. They are exquisitely fine and detailed. I would absolutely LOVE to know more about them, the maker and perhaps their age but the markings are a mystery to me. If anyone could help identify them I would really appreciate it.
So fine, they are translucent in the light.

The markings include a crown and maybe two serpents?
But my everyday china is something much more durable. Still pretty in it's own way, Corelle in a french blue flower. I love these because they can handle the rough and tumble of family life and are still fine enough that they are not so heavy in a great big stack. There are 12 of us most meal times and Sunday nights there are often 20+ people so they are much lighter to handle and take up less space. I have been lucky enough to be able to pick up a few extra pieces at Op shops and they are still available in the shops too.
Here is a mug with my favourite herbal tea and occasional 85% chocolate indulgence.

Flea-market Fancies

 Flea-market Finds time over at Her Library Adventures. My Sunday Night highlight!
Last week I found another pretty floral oil painting in a nice frame so it has joined the others waiting a place to hang.
A quick dash into the dump shop for a sewing machine part scored me this pretty leaf plate with embossed roses. The glaze is smooth and creamy in real life. Just gorgeous!

 I had another quick dash into a local oppy which finally opened after the Christmas break, to get a cheap $3 hard suitcase for storing Christmas decos. While I was there I spotted these matching leaf plates for 50c each. The little orphaned pepper pot came from the dump shop too. I think I need to start a  little lonely hearts club for my growing collection of partner-less salt and pepper shakers.

 I also spotted this heavy stretch satin long vintage nightgown. I love the colour, the cream lace as well as the feel and the fact that it has little sleeves.

At another oppy I picked up a whole bunch of retro dresses but my 18yo DD ran off with the lot! I'll have to dig them out later to show.
And of course I picked up my usual quota of lovely linens and ugly ties!

Thanks for looking!