Monday, 6 February 2012

JaM and Tea with Jody Pearl

Apparently I have 5 hours left to catch Jody Pearl's JaM and tea meme from last week! lol I knew what I would take pics of but didn't get around to it until now.
I have 2 pics to share, the first is a very special tea set given to me by my Mother-in-Law. This set of 6 teacups and saucers belonged to her mother or perhaps her grandmother. I have never used them for their purpose and niether did my MIL. They are exquisitely fine and detailed. I would absolutely LOVE to know more about them, the maker and perhaps their age but the markings are a mystery to me. If anyone could help identify them I would really appreciate it.
So fine, they are translucent in the light.

The markings include a crown and maybe two serpents?
But my everyday china is something much more durable. Still pretty in it's own way, Corelle in a french blue flower. I love these because they can handle the rough and tumble of family life and are still fine enough that they are not so heavy in a great big stack. There are 12 of us most meal times and Sunday nights there are often 20+ people so they are much lighter to handle and take up less space. I have been lucky enough to be able to pick up a few extra pieces at Op shops and they are still available in the shops too.
Here is a mug with my favourite herbal tea and occasional 85% chocolate indulgence.


  1. Better late than never!

    Gorgeous tea set - hope you find out the origin.

    Thanks for joining in Helen. x

  2. I love your tea set, and that it was from your MIL makes it more special. I miss the link to Jam here is my tea set,

  3. That tea set is just beautiful Helen! How perfect it would be to sit down to a morning tea and chat over them! You know, I've been told that old china/crockery should be used. it's apparently not good for them to be sat and not used.
    I used to have the poppy flower in the corelle as a dinner set and they are a good product I agree.
    Love Green & Black's, but it's a little to exxie here for me to eat too often. Yum. :))

    Thanks for popping my JaM too.