Thursday, 10 November 2011

Send me bluebirds.. :) Vintage linen and Oppy finds

 I'm happy! This week I found not 1 but 2 lots of bluebird embroidery. and both just $1.00 ea.
First a tray cloth. Very cute and cheery. The teacup is a little pocket for a napkin presumably. If so, I wonder if it was matching?
The second lot is a large doily and four small circle doilies. Maybe a tray cloth and saucer doilies? And they only charged $1 for all of them. I also picked up some other pretties this week. At $1ea for the small ones, I was more selective and picked out a couple of interesting ones. One very dainty, the other a more unusual style. Plus 3 more for only .50c

I would like to make some cake stands for my market stall so have been collecting pretty bits of china for the purpose.

I also want to show off this beaded lace doily/cover. It is so, so sweet. I love the green accents and the tiny teacup worked into the middle.
I love this old coloured photo/print. Does anyone recognise the scene? I wondered if it were local. North Adelaide? Who knows? Doesn't matter. How's the serenity?

The other week I found a cute kookaburra handkerchief holder. The lettering looks to be done by someone not quite so skilled as the rest. Today I found a bundle of old snot rags dainty vintage embroidered handkerchiefs to go in it. the embroidery on the top one is amazingly fine with tiny stitches.

 I have some absolutley gorgeous hand work, done by countless women's hands and as much as I love a bargain, the reason it IS a bargain it that I can appreciate the time and skill it would have taken to produce it. And that it is my good fortune that I am still able to collect pieces for so little before people realise their beauty and value. And so it was, that when I saw a beautiful knitted baby blanket in mint condition, pure wool, maybe 3 ply, I couldnt' leave it there. It is so light and delicate. Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy the wool to knit this? And the time it would take to knit it? I know, I paid someone to knit one for me. I figure mine is an heirloom. You can spot it on the shelf, folded below this one. It is a lovely clam shell pattern (for Pearl). So how much do you think I paid for this Op shopped heirloom, bought in an Red Cross Op Shop, known for it's priciness?
At only $6, I just couldn't leave it there. You can see the fineness and even-ness of the work.

Believe me this isn't all I have collected the last week or so, just a little sample. But lastly I must share these kitschy screw on earrings. Proving that there has always been tasteless Christmas? jewellery. At least they don't have flashing lights. $2, but I've never seen a pair like them, and not likely to ever again I think LOL
PS I picked up a little something for my Op-Shop swap partner today too! That's $2.50 of the $15 budget spent. I hope she likes it :)  (I had an excuse to be shopping)


  1. I've thought for a while that you are the Queen of Op Shopping and that you live in the Op Shop capital of Australia - this just confirms it!

    Lucky Op Shop Partner!

  2. I love the old time doilies, embroidery and knitted stuff too. You have indeed found some treasures Have you ever read the book "The Gentle Arts" by Jennifer Isaacs? My kids gave me a copy many birthdays ago It's a lovely account of women's crafts in Australia

  3. I don't know about Queen, lol but I do indeed have a plethora or Op shops in my vicinity!

    Julie I will have to track down a copy of that book, it does sound right up my alley. thanks for the tip!

  4. Clearly I am hanging out at the wrong op shops, you find all the cool stuff, H!

  5. I think the large doily with 4 small ones might be what was called a "dressing table set". The large one to put your brush and hand-mirror on, with the smaller ones for powder and jewellery dishes, and perhaps a bud-vase.