Monday, 26 July 2010

More Zig-Zag treadle fun!

After doing the conversion last weekend, today was the time to try out all the new bells and whistles. Unfortunately it took an hour or so to find the little package containing the pattern cams, but persistance paid off and I found them. Sitting nicely under a box on my sewing shelves.
I changed the bobbin over to a generic plastic janome bobbin as the metal one it came with seemed rather sloppy and who knew how old the thread on the bobbin was. I put a new needle in, put fresh thread up top and threaded her up. I then liberally squeezed some oil into whatever looked like an oiling hole and onto any visible moving parts.
Yesterday, she was a little stiff and didn't really sew smoothly from zig to zag.

After a little while to let the oil soak in, she was purring along smoothly and quite nicely, except when I got all unco and forgot which foot to press where and when lol. a few more drops on the treadle pedal joints and wheel and we started to pick up some speed!

Then came the fun of trying out all the different cams.

These are all marked "B-0" to "B-12". That makes me wonder if there is an "A" or "C" set I can try and find somewhere. Cool, a treasure hunt!
Speaking of treasures, with an old flatbed also came with this intriguing buttonholer that I am yet to try. It also has metal cams that slide into the back to shape and guide the buttonhole. I hope to find some instructions for this before having a go.

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